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โ†˜ Derived Contracts: NitroAdjudicator

The IAdjudicator Interface calls for a method that allows a finalized outcome to be pushed to an asset holder.



Allows a finalized channel's outcome to be decoded and one or more AssetOutcomes registered in external Asset Holder contracts.

function pushOutcome(bytes32 channelId, uint48 turnNumRecord, uint48 finalizesAt, bytes32 stateHash, address challengerAddress, bytes outcomeBytes) external nonpayable


channelIdbytes32Unique identifier for a state channel
turnNumRecorduint48A turnNum that (the adjudicator knows and stores) is supported by a signature from each participant.
finalizesAtuint48The unix timestamp when this channel will finalize
stateHashbytes32The keccak256 of the abi.encode of the State (struct) stored by the adjudicator
challengerAddressaddressThe address of the participant whom registered the challenge, if any.
outcomeBytesbytesThe encoded Outcome of this state channel.